Consulting and Development in Italy

MongoDB is the most used solution for storing big data
for nearly realtime usage in an highly available, highly responsive environment. has been applying MongoDB since it was created
on hundreds of projects and makes its knowledge available to your team.

MongoDB Experts and Consulting.

Our team is constituted by certified MongoDB Developers and Ops who continuously participate into the MongoDB Advocacy Hub.

AXANT has been using MongoDB since it existed on hundreds of cases and we contributed some major MongoDB open source projects back to the Community.

We know the building blocks for a successful MongoDB infrastructure and we know how to customize them to your needs.

Your Data at Your Scale

We have experience on managing both high volume data storage and high speed data ingestion environments for Web and IoT environments.

Our experts will work side-by-side with your team to design and implement the best deployment and schema designes according to your project specific needs.

Development and Design of Software

Our Developers worked on more than 100 projects based on MongoDB and we contributed some core frameworks and tools that people use every day to work with MongoDB, if you are looking for someone to help with your MongoDB based software our developers can help your get in track with the best practices and tools on MongoDB.